The OrthoGolfer Elite is the first over-the-counter golf “orthotic” specifically designed to aid players in correcting their stance and perfecting their golf swings.

People are not built the same and their golf swings are just as different. Heights, weights and abilities all vary, and each of those differences influences a golf swing and footwork. Playing golf takes energy, balance and muscle control, which causes wear and stress on a player’s bodies during a round of golf. Improper footwork over time will not only diminish a golf swing but will also cause muscle, knee, ankle and back pain.

By using the OrthoGolfer Elite, golfers will feel a difference in their game.

The Orthogolfer provides a deep heel cup to offer stability, balance and proper alignment. Controlling the heel stabilizes the forefoot, rearfoot and ankle, allowing for proper alignment of the knees, hips and lower back, all key elements in all phases of the golf swing.

The OrthoGolfer also increases arch support. The slight elevation in the medial arch engages the body’s sensory receptors (proprioceptors), which in turn greatly increases stability and balance.

It also helps with the lateral stabilizer bar by centralizing the body’s weight and reducing lateral sway during the back swing. The built-in lateral energy plug assists in returning energy during the downswing phase.

The Orthogolfer offers an elevated forefoot by lifting the front of the foot and creating a negative heel stance to reposition the body for optimal posture at the address phase.

To learn about additional benefits of using the OrthoGolfer Elite, visit to their website.