With its clever and elegant design, the Clean Hit Golf Club Cleaner is the perfect accessory for the golf enthusiast to ensure all clubs are ready for the next shot.

The Clean Hit Golf Club Cleaner is a complete golf club, golf ball and golf grip cleaning tool for any level of golfer.

It is the perfect tool to attach to a golf bag, golf buggy or even on a golf belt thanks to a unique design. By pressing buttons, the hard, bristle head squirts out water that provides even more cleaning power. It is designed for users to easily fill the Clean Hit up at a water tap on the course. Cleverly integrated into the product are a pair of high tensile steel blades to clean all types of “V” and “U” club grooves.

All the features of this device are packaged into a stylish and functional carry pouch to hold and protect the Clean Hit Golf Club Cleaner.

It is recommend to use a mild detergent with the water in the device. Prefill a 600ml water bottle with 50ml of detergent, top it with water and you are ready for at least three months of use.

For more information, check out the Clean Hit website.